About the Project

The purpose of ‘A Louisiana Flower Essence Project’ is to discover the energetic/spiritual healing properties of Louisiana native plants through flower essencing; to provide education about them for the benefit of people; and to promote wildflower habitat preservation in Southern Louisiana.

What is a ‘Flower Essence'”?

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Flower essences being made in the sunlight.

The Arc of the Project:


  • A Non Profit
    • any donations collected go to funding costs of the project, including:
      • essence making supplies and travel expenses for gathering them
      • booklet and outreach education
  • First goal: Build the Database 
    • a list of the kind of flower we are looking for to make an essence
    • locating contacts and places to wildcraft essences
    • fieldwork: doing the wildcrafting of essences
    • desk work: researching the scientific, folk, medicinal, and historical uses of the plants used
    • clinical work: testing them to discover their energetic healing properties
    • Goal: produce a page of data on each plant and it’s essence

  • Second goal: Observing Cultural and Interspecies Connections
    • Once enough plants are gathered this way, I’ll take a stand back, and look at this collection as a whole.I suspect the ‘Louisiana Essences’ will reveal patterns in healing…  

      Seeing the patterns of support these plants provide our region will in turn reveal patterns of dysfunction in our area… which will in turn shed a greater understanding of the unique multidimensional challenges faced by our people. 

      This is valuable to understand because it can help deepen our sensitivity, cultural context, and ability to be more whole not just as individuals, but as a community.

      Plants often grow where their unique vibrations are most needed to balance out an area… including the influence and condition of humanity in that area.

    • In this way, the work we do to understand the plants leads us to understand ourselves, collectively, and where we come from and what we have come to.
    • And from this, we realize we are not separate from other people, or the land, water, and life that sustains us. We understand that there is a balance in play in nature between humans and other life.  And that we are meant to be aware of that connection.  And care for it.

  • Third goal: Educational Outreach:
    • after data pages produced, design and print a booklet of information available for download to the public
    • present educational talks on flower essences, the importance of Native plant and wildflower preservation
    • demonstrate the interconnectedness of plant life and human life to promote wellbeing for both species, and promote environmental awareness

  • Along the way: Ecological Outreach:
    • promote preservation of wild habitat in which these plants are found through science citizenship volunteering

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Please go here to help out the project… I currently need access to land with native plants!

Thank you



All photos, illustrations, and writing are copyright 2018 Megan Assaf