About Flower Essences

updated 3/17/2018

About Flower Essences,
and Nature as Intelligent

What are they?

Simply put, flower essences are the living electrical patterns of flowers that are imprinted and preserved into a pure water/brandy solution.

They are not medicinal plant extraction tinctures.  Nor are they essential oils.

They are a vibrational modality (similar to homeopathy) that works on an emotional and spiritual level.

A flower essence contains virtually no plant matter.

IMAG2199What do they do?

The moment a flower essence is taken internally or smoothed onto the skin, it floods your entire body and being with it’s vibrational information: the balancing and healing patterns of the plant.

What happens next?

Commonly, folks feel energy moving in or around their body.  They may feel lighter, brighter, and often times as though a ‘weight’ has been lifted. What was ‘stuck’ internally on an emotional and spiritual level can begin to move. New insights, reflecting the electrical information of the plant, can begin to shift stuck patterns in the consciousness. The body may also experience a physical release of tension.

With time and continued interaction with an essence, a person can be supported and ushered into their next step in personal growth, and overall balance.

Why does this work?

Flower essences are helpful because they bridge circuits in the human bioelectric field that were broken, missing, or ‘tripped’ like a circuit breaker.   The plant information and pattern provides the bridge.

As a result, energetic pathways that were previously not connected or flowing can do so.

This allows the body and spirit to do what it needs to do better, for it’s vitality.

Who can use them?


Folks with Bipolar or intense Depression may wish to use caution and be selective in which essence they use, as their sensitivity to electrical states makes them particularly able to feel the effects.

Flower Essences are complimentary to other protocols of healing and therapies.

They do not treat or cure medical conditions, and do not have any contraindications for use.  There is virtually no plant matter or chemical constituents from the plant found in a flower essence, and so they are unlikely to cause an adverse effect.  One cannot ‘overdose’ on an essence, unless they have sensitivity to the actual alcohol in the bottle (in which case, essences can be made of vinegar instead). They are odorless. Their vibrations are high and positive.

How do you know what plants to use?

Currently I’m in phase 1 of this project, which is identifying, making, and sampling the native plant essences from Louisiana Natives.

I am not aware of many Louisiana Natives being made into flower essences, and there isn’t a public materia medica I’ve found yet of what spiritual/emotional healing they are for.  This is one goal of the project

Each flower species carries a different pattern of healing and balancing energy and information.  The plants provide, it is up to us to discern what they are for.  This is a discovery project.

For this reason, as a precaution, only non-toxic plants will be used in this project.

How can you tell what it does for someone? 

This is the result of several things that come together to form a whole picture of the plant:

  • first and foremost, a group of people who are sensitive to energies and familiar with Essences will be using one essence at a time daily for a period of time and then recording their personal observations of how the essence impacts them.  I will be doing this, and healthy volunteers are welcome to help with this as well!  This data is gathered, pooled, and common themes become apparent.

Then, combine this with:

  • understanding the phytochemical therapeutics of the plant, if medicinal
  • understanding the life cycle of the plant, where it lives, what is it’s ecological community interaction
  • understanding the folk actions, legends, myths of the plant
  • any communication with the deva of the plant
2018 Photos phone 2710.jpg
Cherokee Rose (Climbing) being Essenced

How are they made?

I use a process from Perelandra Center for Nature Research.

Basically, while connected to the Devic and Nature Spirit levels, early in the morning I pick and rest flowers on top of water in a clear bowl in sunlight, and wait a few hours. Then I decant and combine with a stabilizer (I use Brandy) and then let it sit in a specific crystal grid for an hour for additional anchoring.

Typically 1-5 flowers are used per quart essence, depending on size.  If the flower is very small, I may use a few more.

There’s more to know in the details that make a big difference in quality, but that’s the basics.

This is a very respectful way to access the plant, as it does not require mass harvesting or processing.  And, each quart contains enough doses to treat hundreds of folks for a few years.

A personal note:  If you doubt the sentience of plants, please research these scientists and their conclusions:
* Cleve Baxter, who proved that plants have intelligence.
* Peter Wohllben, who proved that trees have intelligence.

… And the next time you have to transplant a potted plant, connect with it, tell it that in 24 hours you are transplanting it, and it needs to pull it’s roots in and get ready to make the transition, and then follow up as mentioned.  See what happens. 

Working co creatively with nature is a deeply rewarding process that I treasure, and brings me happiness like no other process.


2018 Photos phone 2637
What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower Essence Therapy is a legitimate modality that was developed in the 1930’s by the Welch Physician and Homeopath Dr. Edward Bach.

In a nugget, he discovered that flower essences shift emotional and spiritual states, which could lead to physical and mental/conceptual shifts over time.

Prior to this, plant waters for emotional and spiritual healing were found in traditions across the globe…  from Paracelsus gathering dew drops off plants in the 1500’s (believing them to have concentrated planetary energies), to practical herbal infusions and teas, to herbal aspersion waters, and herbal soaking baths and steams.

Add to this a few modern day insights…

Masaru Emoto and his water crystal studies  revealed that ‘intent’ shifts water crystalline structure.  The direct implication of which is how thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. 

… And the work of Dr. Hew Len (a lineage carrier of the healing practice of Ho’oponopono) through his recommendation of drinking blue solar water.  He teaches the vibration of the blue solar water made at home can clear negativity, bring in divine love/forgiveness to your heart, and clear ancestral patterns of pain.

…and we see that these are different ways of coming to the same conclusion:

water carries the information it’s given, and it can influence the water in you.

There’s lots of folks making flower essences with regional plants, on many continents, such as this one, this one, this one, and this one.   Perelandra, in particular, is very scientific.

And don’t forget the early years of Findhorn, in Scotland, where it became obvious that Nature was ready for the humans to listen.  And the whole world watched as humans did…

arrowleaf line drawing copy

Please go here to help out the project… I currently need access to land with native plants!

Thank you

All photos, illustrations, and writing are copyright 2018 Megan Assaf

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